Cuban Cigar Box Branding

Totalmente a ManoSince 1960 Cuban cigar boxes have all been branded with the words “Hecho en Cuba” on the underside of the box. It’s worth noting that these brandings are not ink stamps but are actually burnt in by branding the underside of the boxes. If you run your finger over the branding you can actually feel the indentation caused by this method. In addition since 1994 the underside of the boxes have also been branded with “Habanos S.A.” who of course are the only Cuban Enterprise authorized to export Havana Cigars from Cuba.
Tripa Corta
Tripa CortaSince 1989 boxes of traditional long filler Habanos, or Tripa Larga, have been branded “Totalmente a Mano” which translates to “Totally by Hand”. Boxes of short filler Habanos are also branded with the words “Totalmente a Mano” and since 2002 also ink stamped with the letters TC “Tripa Corta” which translates to ”Short Filler”.

MecanizadoBoxes of fully made machine cigars or “Mecanizado” usually have no third inscription and are branded only with the words “Habanos S.A.”and “Hecho en Cuba”. These machine made cigars are said to be “Envuelto a Mano”, meaning that the cigars were placed, packed and wrapped by hand. “Envuelto” is plural for the Spanish word “envolver” which means to wrap up or cover.

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